Enthrall Beauty Lovers with Artistic Custom Lipstick Boxes

There is no doubt that lipsticks rule the cosmetics industry and earn billions in sales revenue. They elevate a woman’s facial beauty and thus hold a unique status in the makeup world. Companies grasp their vitality and heavily invest in refined boxes to exhibit lipsticks. They want lipstick packaging to signify what this product means to women and the vital part they play in enhancing their beauty.


Packaging brands opt for the best colors, materials, and designs, to provide an aesthetic appeal to lipstick boxes and Custom Lip Gloss Boxes uk. They choose custom lipstick boxes as the ultimate packaging choice to exhibit their artistic expression and display the vitality of lipsticks in enhancing a woman’s beauty.


Creating Artistic Expression with Lipstick Boxes     

Lipsticks come under items that need packaging exhibiting luxury and grace. Brands opt for custom lipstick boxes and modify them to create that appeal and visually enchant the buyers. They can get in contact with reliable packaging brands to discuss and give their input in creating the boxes. The processes to make these boxes include:


1.      Colors & Graphics

The basics of creating visual charm are to choose attractive designs or graphics and choose the right colors to exhibit the designs, texts, and branding elements on the boxes. Clients can ask for graphic support to choose the right color scheme and graphics by testing different designs on graphic software.    


Following the color psychology principles, black, purple, red, and grey are colors that exhibit a premium appeal. However, brands can choose the main color according to the lipstick color. However, they will have to choose other color patterns that blend in the right ratio to create a visual artistic appeal.


2.      Printing

Big brands heavily invest in the latest printing methods to yield HD colors and graphics. They understand the vitality of printing in creating readable printing elements that uplift brand marketing.


  • ·         Lithographic Printing

  • ·         Flexographic Printing  

  • ·         Rotogravure Printing

  • ·         Silkscreen Printing

  • ·         Digital Printing       


3.      Finishing

Only luxury brands invest in varnishing including lamination and coating as they understand their vitality in turning regular boxes into premium ones. The sleek and shiny outlook that lamination creates on a box surface makes the difference between high and low-quality packaging. Popular lamination types include matte and gloss, among others.


Coating on the other hand seals the entire box and prevents outside pollutants from entering and spoiling the quality of packed items. It protects the printed elements from fingerprints and scratches and also prevents them from fading hence, enabling long-term branding. Popular coating types include Aqueous Coating, Spot UV, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, and Matte UV, among others.


What Benefits Do Lipstick Boxes Offer to Brands?

When brands invest in fine printing and finishing of lipstick boxes, they multiply the return on investment. The high-quality printing and finishing give shelf appeal to the boxes and they attract more customers as a result. The fine printing, finishing, and material texture give a premium appeal to the boxes and they stand out on shelves.


The strong packaging material ensures the items’ safety on the shelves and during storage and delivery. Customers can gift lipstick items without worrying about the packed items being damaged on the way. Made with robust materials, these boxes prove beneficial particularly for online brands as they have to deliver over long distances.  




Make Your Clients Desire Your Products!

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