10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Pune

Pune, the vibrant city in the heart of Maharashtra, is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and lively atmosphere. Pune doesn’t hold back when it comes to welcoming the New Year. From electrifying parties to serene getaways, the city offers something for everyone. Here’s a rundown of the top ten places to ring in the New Year in Pune, with Pawna Lake Camping taking the spotlight:

Pawna Lake Camping: 

For a unique and unforgettable New Year celebration, head to Pawna Lake Camping. Nestled amidst the Sahyadri ranges, this picturesque location offers a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. Spend your evening under the starlit sky beside the shimmering lake and indulge in bonfires, music, and delicious barbecue. Camping at Pawna Lake promises an unparalleled experience to kickstart your New Year with pawna lake camping.

Koregaon Park: 

Koregaon Park is synonymous with Pune’s nightlife and is a hotspot for New Year celebrations. The area boasts a plethora of pubs, lounges, and restaurants, each hosting extravagant parties with live music, DJs, and sumptuous dining options. Join the buzzing crowd at Koregaon Park and dance your way into the New Year amidst the city’s vibrant energy.


Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head to Lavasa for a serene New Year getaway. This planned hill station offers breathtaking views of the Sahyadri mountains and the serene Warasgaon Lake. Celebrate New Year’s Eve at one of Lavasa’s upscale resorts, enjoying gourmet meals, live entertainment, and mesmerizing fireworks against the scenic backdrop.

Osho International Meditation Resort: 

For a more reflective approach to New Year’s celebrations, visit the Osho International Meditation Resort. Located in Koregaon Park, this spiritual oasis offers various meditation techniques, wellness programs, and workshops to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul as you welcome the New Year with peace and mindfulness.

Mulshi Dam: 

For a serene New Year’s Eve, embrace the tranquility of nature at Mulshi Dam. Located just a few hours from Pune, Mulshi Dam offers stunning panoramic views of the hills and lush greenery. Spend the evening by the lakeside, enjoying a bonfire with your loved ones and reveling in the beauty of the starlit sky.

High Spirits Cafe: 

This popular nightlife destination is renowned for its lively ambiance and electrifying parties, making it a top choice for New Year celebrations in Pune. Dance the night away to pulsating beats spun by renowned DJs, sip on exotic cocktails, and immerse yourself in the crowd’s infectious energy.

Sinhagad Fort:

 For a unique New Year’s experience steeped in history, venture to Sinhagad Fort. Perched atop a hill overlooking the city, this historic fort offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Trek to the fort during the day, explore its ancient ruins, and as the sun sets, soak in the breathtaking vistas while welcoming the New Year amidst the echoes of the past.

Shaniwar Wada: 

Step back at Shaniwar Wada, Pune’s iconic historical monument, for a New Year’s Eve filled with cultural charm. Attend special events and artistic performances organized within the premises, and witness the grandeur of the illuminated fort as you bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new with a touch of heritage.

Amanora Mall: 

If you prefer a family-friendly New Year celebration, head to Amanora Mall for a fun-filled evening of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The mall hosts special events, live performances, and fireworks displays, offering something for everyone to enjoy as you usher in the New Year amidst the cheerful ambiance of this retail haven.

Panshet Dam: 

Escape to Panshet Dam for a tranquil New Year’s retreat away from the city crowds. Surrounded by lush green hills and pristine waters, Panshet Dam offers a serene setting to unwind and reflect as you welcome the New Year in harmony with nature’s tranquility.

In conclusion, Pune offers diverse options to celebrate the New Year, catering to every taste and preference. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, Pune’s vibrant spirit makes your New Year celebrations memorable. So gather your loved ones, toast new beginnings, and welcome the New Year in style in the dynamic city of Pune.