A Complete Guide On The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car



Whether you’ve just bought a new car or need to ship your vehicle, finding an affordable auto transport service is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore the cheapest way to ship a car, including tips for getting a cost-effective quote and factors influencing shipping costs.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car?

How do you ship your car, and what is the cheapest way to ship a car? The answer is to ship your vehicle in open car transport. Open car transport is the cheapest option for the shipment of daily-use vehicles and for those who want to ship multiple cars.


Your vehicle will be shipped in an open-air trailer and exposed to external elements in open car transport. This is the best option for individuals and dealerships who want to ship multiple vehicles.

How To Plan For The Cheap Car Shipping Service?

The first step is to choose an expert auto transport company to find a cheap car shipping quote. Then, you have to share the details of your vehicle, shipping options, transport type, pickup and delivery, and the shipping date and time to schedule the shipment of your car.  We have shared a few tips for choosing the best auto transport company and choosing a cheap car shipping quote.

  • Check for the company’s reputation.

  • Check for the company’s experience and professionalism.

  • Check for insurance coverage.

  • Read the customer reviews.

Cheapest Way To Ship High-value And Non-running Cars

Enclosed car transport is the best option for the shipment of high-value cars and also for the shipment of non-running cars because, in an enclosed car transport, your vehicle will be shipped in a closed trailer, which will protect your vehicle from all external elements. If you want to ship your non-running vehicles, then an open carrier is also the best option.

Different Types Of Car Shipping Options

There are many ways to ship a car. We have shared a few of the most important shipping methods they follow,

  • Open Transport

It is an open trailer with all open sides and roofs, and it is the cost-effective car shipping type, but it offers limited protection and security for your vehicles.

  • Enclosed transport

It is an expensive car transport, but it is the best option for shipments of luxury and premium cars. It offers high security for your vehicles, and it is limited in availability in the market.

  • Door to Door shipping

It is the best and the most convenient shipping option for those who have busy schedules and it also saves time. In this shipping option, your vehicle will be picked up from your address, and then we will deliver it to your delivery address.

  • Terminal to Terminal shipping

Terminal to terminal car shipping is the affordable shipping option, but in this shipping option, you have to leave your car at the terminal point for the pickup, and after the delivery, you have to get your car from the terminal points.

Factors Affecting The Shipping Cost

People often ask what is the cheapest way to ship a car. Several factors determine the shipping cost. Let us discuss these factors to learn how they affect shipping costs. 

  • The total distance between the pickup and delivery location.

  • Shipping date and time because summer car shipping will cost more than winter car shipping

  • Transport type you choose because open car transport is the cheap car shipping option and enclosed car transport is expensive.

  • Door to door shipping is more costly than the terminal to terminal shipping.

  • If you are using expedited shipping methods, it will cost more than door-to-door and enclosed transport.

  • Fuel costs will also affect the shipping cost.

  • Route and location of the shipping also affect the shipping cost.

How To Get A Cheap Car Shipping Quote?

  • Choose a professional and experienced auto transport company.

  • Submit the details of your vehicle and choose the transport type and the shipping options.

  • Get the quote from the shipping company.

  • Once the shipping quote meets all your expectations, book and schedule the shipment of your car.

  • Get your vehicle picked up from your residential address, and the driver will deliver safely to your address.

Tips To Ship Your Car Cheaply 

We have shared some tips to help you find cheap car shipping options and save money on shipping costs.

  • Before you choose an auto transport company, you should research the company and its shipping services.

  • Choose open transport because it is the cheap car shipping option.

  • Choose the terminal to terminal shipping method.

  • Avoid using the expedited shipping option.

  • You have to know about the shipping process and want to choose the shipping options as per your vehicle requirements.

  • Be flexible with the date and time of shipping.

  • Check for discounts or some other special offers.

  • Remove the personal items from inside the vehicle.

  • Reduce the weight of the vehicle.

  • Check for the hidden fees and extra shipping charges.

  • Book in advance to get the trailer of your choice and to avoid the extra charges.

  • Ship your vehicle during the off-season.

  • Avoid shipping your vehicle to rural areas and areas with narrow roads, etc.

Final Thought

There are many ways to save money on shipping your car. Instead of hiring an auto transport company, you can ship your vehicle by driving yourself, but there are better ways to transport your car. The best way to transport your vehicle is to hire an auto transport company and book your shipment in advance to avoid extra charges and save money on car shipping. I hope this article will help you choose the cheapest way to ship a car and ship it safely.