Beginner’s Guide to Credit Card Points Redemption

Do you know how to redeem credit card points? These points are among the most significant benefits that make day-to-day transactions more rewarding, but only if you know how to use them. 


Every issuer and card has its own redemption process, so you have to be well-versed with what you need to do. That’s not all. The process of earning these points and using them also varies. 


That said, there are some general processes and tips that apply to all of them. Here’s what you can do.


Redeeming Rewards Points: A Quick Guide 

Learning how to redeem credit card points is the first step in your journey to getting more from your card. You can do this: 

Via internet banking

Log into your account, go to the credit card menu option and follow the instructions to redeem points. You can choose your preferred way of using the points and simply follow the steps. If this is confusing, get help from the credit card company’s chat or telephone assistance. 

On the Mobile App

Redeeming the reward points on the issuer’s mobile app is easy and quick. You can find the reward redemption option on the dashboard. Select your preferred option and use the available points. 

During Payment 

Want to make a purchase: Use the points for an instant discount. You generally get this option when making an online payment with your card at a partner store. 

Calling Customer Service

If you’re unsure of the process and require assistance, you can contact the customer helpline number. Once they verify your identity, the representative will guide you through the redemption process. You can get the contact information through the official website or your card statement.


Putting Accumulated Rewards Points To Good Use 

Now that you know how to redeem credit card points, here are some options for using them.  

  • Catalogue Shopping 

Issuers have a wide range of products available on their website that you can purchase using your reward points. These include

  • Electronics 

  • Home décor 

  • Household items 

  • Clothes 

  • Shoes 

  • Workout equipment 

  • Bill Payment

A smart way to use points is to pay your bill with them. This will help you reduce your outstanding dues and save at the ideal time. 

  • Charitable Donations 

By choosing your preferred charitable organisation, you can convert your reward points into cash and donate them. 

  • Travel Benefits 

Most issuers offer the option to convert your reward points for travel perks and discounts. By opting for this, you can enjoy 

  • Luxury hotel stays at a discounted rate 

  • Free upgrades on rooms

  • Complimentary breakfast 

  • Concierge services 

  • Gift Cards 

You can also convert your reward points into gift cards and give them to friends or family. This option can be ideal when you are close to the expiration date, as it helps you extend the validity of your points. 

  • Store Discount 

With this option, you can get discounts, cashback and exclusive offers when shopping at a partner store. Choosing this option lets you enjoy instant savings. 


Being Smart About Collecting Reward Points 

Issuers offer reward points in various ways. So, you can easily accumulate them and make the most of your card. Here are some ways you can try: 

  • Meet the milestone within the specified time to earn additional or accelerated points

  • Use your card smartly (as per your category, offers, and more) to get more points

  • Renew your card or pay the annual fees to earn loyalty points, also known as renewal points

  • Pay at partner stores to earn additional points

  • Refer the card to your friends or family members to get referral bonus points


In addition to the above, having the right card is key. The ideal card will enable you to get the maximum rewards and use them without any hassles. One standout option you can rely on is the One Credit Card.


With this card, you can:

  • Earn 5X rewards on your top two spending categories, so you are not limited in any way 

  • Get points that don’t expire so there is no stress about using them quickly 

  • Redeem points without paying any extra redemption charges 

  • Use the credit card freely without annual or joining fees 

  • Get discounts on shopping, dining, entertainment, upskilling and more

  • Enjoy perks like EMI conversion and sharing limit with family

  • Track your spending on the powerful One Credit Card mobile app and maximise your savings 

Apply a free credit card online and enjoy a stress-free onboarding experience.