Escaping The Trap Of Fraud Visa Consultants

The assistance of experts is very vital in making the study visa application process successful. However, the necessity of their presence and lack of awareness to identify the fraudulent visa consultants have created a huge crowd of fraudsters faking experts in the visa application process. They with their witty plans often dupe the innocent clients. 


In India, there have been so many cases when Indians have witnessed falling into the trap of these fraudsters. They not only run away with their money but also make it hard to trust other people again. The regret that we feel by connecting with such people is also quite painful. 


There is a huge need for awareness about how to escape the traps of fake visa consultants or how to identify if the visa consultants are fake or not. This article will expound on the tips to identify fake experts. Hence, get ready with us to learn the best tips that you can use to check if the visa consultant you have connected with is fake or genuine. 


The first rule you have to follow in order to know if the visa consultant you have connected with is fake or not is to gain basic knowledge of the visa application process. There is no excuse that you find it hard to understand the process on your own because so many videos are there to help you understand the study visa application process. 

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Escape the trap of fraud visa consultants:

Read the following pointers and understand the top steps to identify if your visa consultant is genuine or fraudulent. 

Changes in information

The fraud consultants could have the best knowledge of the visa application to trap you but their sincerity will make them make mistakes when providing the information. You have to participate in the process with a sharp presence of mind as your money is involved in the process, check if the visa consultant is making any serious changes in the information he is providing to you. True visa consultants are sincere and try to provide you with the best knowledge and their experiences have made them confident enough to provide the right information. 

If you find any serious changes in the information without the knowledge of the visa consultants then, you must stop there. 

IRCC website 

If your plans are to study in Canada then, there is a website named IRCC that can help you know if the visa consultant you are connected with is active or not. You can check it by yourself by following the simple steps. 

This is the perfect source to check the authenticity and status of your visa consultants. 

Inappropriate methods of payment 

You must be very wise when you are making payments and avoid making payments in cash. Instead, go ahead with the banking payment system as this will let the officials have records of the payments that you are making. 

When you make payment in cash, you lack any proof of transfers and this makes it hard for the officials to track the fraudsters. Hence, make sure that your visa consultant is using a safe payment system. 

Less time to understand 

The fake visa consultants will give you very little time to understand the procedure. Nowadays, they are becoming quite clever and use polite or very professional tones to convince you. However, they will surely make a mistake and you must have a sharp presence of mind to quickly understand the mistake and discontinue with him. 


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These are the best ways that the clients can employ to know if the visa advisors that they have connected with are genuine or not. Also, you must be intelligent enough to understand the difference between legal and illegal methods so that you can ask your visa consultants to opt for legal ways for you.