Getting from A to B: Using VI Taxis in St. Thomas

Navigating the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of St. Thomas is made effortless with VI taxis. These iconic vehicles offer a convenient and reliable mode of transportation for both tourists and locals alike. Here’s everything you need to know about using VI taxis ST. Thomas to get from point A to point B on the island:

1. Identifying VI Taxis:

  • VI taxis are easily recognizable by their open-air safari-style design and vibrant colors. Look for vehicles with “TAXI” signs or license plates indicating their status. You’ll often find them stationed at popular tourist spots, transportation hubs, and designated taxi stands.

2. Hailing a Taxi:

  • Need a ride? Simply raise your hand to signal a passing VI taxi or head to a nearby taxi stand where they’re readily available. If you’re at a hotel or resort, the staff can assist you in calling a taxi.

3. Destination and Fare:

  • Inform the driver of your destination, and they’ll provide an estimate of the fare based on the distance traveled. VI taxi fares are regulated by the government and typically calculated using a zone system, so you can expect transparent pricing.

4. Payment Options:

  • Payment for VI taxi services is primarily made in cash, with US dollars being the preferred currency. It’s advisable to carry small denominations to ensure convenience during payment. Some drivers may accept credit or debit cards, but it’s best to confirm beforehand.

5. Island Tours:

  • Looking to explore St. Thomas beyond your intended destination? Many VI taxi drivers offer customized island tours, allowing you to discover hidden gems, scenic viewpoints, and local attractions along the way. Negotiate the tour details and pricing with the driver before embarking on your journey.

6. Safety and Comfort:

  • VI taxis prioritize passenger safety and comfort, with drivers adhering to traffic laws and maintaining their vehicles in good condition. Seat belts are available for all passengers, ensuring a secure ride throughout your journey.

7. Booking in Advance:

  • While VI taxis are readily available throughout St. Thomas, you can also arrange for taxi services in advance through your accommodation provider or tour operator. This can be especially helpful for airport transfers or scheduled outings.

8. Communication:

  • Clear communication is key when using VI taxis. Clearly state your destination to the driver and confirm the fare before starting your journey. If you have any specific requests or preferences, don’t hesitate to communicate them to the driver.

9. Tips for Travelers:

  • To make your VI taxi experience smoother:
    • Carry cash in small denominations for payment.
    • Plan your route in advance to avoid any confusion.
    • Respect local customs and etiquette during your ride.
    • If unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to ask the driver for assistance or clarification.

10. Enjoy the Ride:

  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic views as you travel from A to B in a VI taxi. Whether you’re heading to the beach, exploring historic sites, or simply soaking in the island ambiance, VI taxis offer a convenient and enjoyable way to get around St. Thomas.