How Custom Greaseproof Paper Saves The Day For Chefs Everywhere

In this time and age when packaging must be green and make a brand stand out, companies search finding the best way to parcel a product and have the brand going with green. A specific option that is being melded by some people is Custom Greaseproof Paper. While this low-key yet multi-talented material can guarantee the freshness of the food to be a platform to promote the company’s brands and message.

Understanding Greaseproof Paper

The greaseproof paper, also called wax paper, is a type of paper that is proof of grease, oil, and fat, providing convenience for many food items’ packaging. In contrast to paper that is just used orally, grease proof paper is covered with a special coating that is grease proofing, resulting in fresh food as well as a pristine package.

Advantages Of Greaseproof Paper

Grease Resistance

 The main advantage of major greaseproof paper is its exceptional resistance to grease, oil, and moisture. Such a trait equals convenient packaging prevents food quality from dropping down, and remains fresh and attractive on the shelf.

Enhanced Branding

Customizability of greaseproof paper is one advantage because it helps businesses brand this paper by printing their logos, designs, or messages on it, turning it into a branding tool. This not only represents a starting point for a professional look in the packaging but also makes brand identifiability and memorability as well.


Lining bakery boxes of varying sizes and wrapping sandwiches and hamburgers, custom greaseproof paper gives a myriad of packaging possibilities. Such as the foodservice or retailing, a wide range of food packages, pouches, greaseproof paper bag can be made from it.

Eco-Friendly Option

Besides, there is a lot of custom greese resistant papers that are both biodegradable and compostable, which fit the ever-growing market demands that are highly focused on ecological packaging. This way, companies can show their approach towards the environment and still serve their aim as well.

Temperature Resistance

Greaseproof paper wholesale withstands change of temperature from the lowest to the highest without deformation making it fit for food of any kind. This resilience offers the room to compromise on the result, when the food needs to stay fresh, even under unexpected circumstances.

Beyond Wrapping

This unique greaseproof paper availability has made it one of the greatest comprehensive packages for a wide range of applications. The options are as numerous as you can imagine; with scenes ranging from bread being stored, the quick-food wraps to cakes being baked using different cuts, colors, and linings. Since they feature grease-resistant properties, these plastics are considered ideal for containers of items that are already greasy or oily such as burgers, fries, and pastries.

Power Of Customization

One of the parlous users of greaseproof paper is that it offers an aesthetic that can be tailored to one’s liking. Gambling on custom printed greaseproof paper is one such way companies may increase their brand and provide a unique unpacking experience for their clients. 


Whether it’s a company logo creative slogan, or the grease-proof paper that is printed custom to suit business interests, custom printed grease- proof paper helps the company put its brand identity on the table through every packaged item.

Combining Functionality With Aesthetics

Printed wax paper sheets create a customized effect by presenting not only as a protector for business products but also as a means to share a brand message through artistic designs and visuals. Sometimes it’s a plain pattern or even a fully-colored illustration, the greaseproof paper sheet with printing is what brings that unique character into the packages.


Going Green

With businesses increasingly adopting a focus on sustainability, the requirement for bio-degradable packaging alternatives is expected to rise hence the need for upsurging grease-proof paper is significantly on the rise. Stock greaseproof paper is offered wholesale by many suppliers, so businesses can purchase greaseproof paper in bulk to benefit from an impressive discount. Likewise, suppliers wax papers wholesale for individuals to select sustainable alternatives to packaging material traditionally used.


Custom Greaseproof Paper is a broad-minded and durable solution for companies that aim to upgrade their packaging. It is no wonder that businesses nowadays go for environmentally friendly greaseproof paper that offers daily grease protection, high customizability, and non-toxic inks. 


They are the perfect product for boosting your business branding while adhering to environmentally conscious policies. From sandwich wrapping to snack packaging, or for lining your cake tins, our custom greaseproof papers are the perfect fit to give your brand the lasting first impression you deserve.