IIM Certificate Courses: Subjects and their Scope

The prestigious family of  IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) across the country have been providing quality management education. From degrees to certificates, professionals get to upskill themselves to advance from their current job role to a higher role. Certificate courses are like supplements to the career which are subject-based or subject-specific and once the aspiring professional completes the course, this certificate expands the professional’s expertise adding more responsibilities to the job role and along with that, a salary hike. With the high brand value of IIMs, these certificates could take a professional higher up the ladder and empower career pathways.

Subjects of the Certificate Courses

A wide variety of subjects are taken up by IIMs in their certificate courses depending on the functionalities such as Strategy, Accounting, Communication, Finance, Entrepreneurship, IT, Marketing, Ethics, Data Analytics, Leadership, Economics, Human Resources, Consulting, Operations Management, Networking, Supply Chain Management, etc. The subjects are then framed under these functionalities that make the foundation of a IIM certificate courses. These courses cost low and consist of short duration as compared to degrees.

With the aim of being subject-specific and designed as a specialisation, expert faculty of IIMs teach these courses where they have expertise in a particular functionality and subject. When the student enrols for this course, he/she gets to learn the subject in depth with respect to the functionality under which the subject’s foundations are laid. These subjects develop the student’s skills and expand their perspectives. Also, it adds to the student especially a working professional to apply these learnings in similar situations at work. 

Some of the subjects taken up for certificate courses are Post Graduate Certificate courses provided by IIM Indore in subjects such as Digital Strategy & Marketing Analytics, Advanced Healthcare Management, Product & Brand Management, Senior Management, Senior Leadership For CXOs, etc. Then there are professional certificate programmes conducted by IIM Kozhikode in subjects such as Strategic Sales Management & New Age Marketing, Business Management, Fintech, Healthcare Management & AI Applications, etc.

Scope of IIM Certificate Courses

In this world, growing at an exponential pace, working management professionals have to keep themselves updated to survive the dynamic changes and evolve. In the market, there are plenty of people with just an MBA degree which could mean that they are all doing good in their careers. But that doesn’t have to be taken for granted. Because only those who have the hunger to learn more will go up the ladder through upskilling themselves to higher positions.

Getting an IIM certificate course gives working management professionals an advantage over a large number of other working management professionals since the skillset is getting expanded and will come in handy for roles that have added responsibilities every day. These certificate courses imbibe a culture where management professionals can keep learning, grow their expertise and get validated too, all at the same time. Hence an ecosystem is landscaped where the growth of the industry goes hand-in-hand with the timely upgrades which a management professional does from time to time. 

One of the examples through which we could learn about the scope of these courses is starting with Digital Strategy & Marketing Analytics, which deals with strategising market outreach through digital means. This course enables the transition of the working professional from traditional strategy methods towards a digitalised landscape where using digital tools and analytics one can achieve outcomes that are on par with the current times.

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IIM Certificate courses are an additional advantage to the ones trying to excel in the management field and trying to keep up with the skill demand that the industry poses. These courses help specialise in one area and help in tackling relevant challenges coming up at work. These courses will cover subjects that come under functional areas of management such as marketing, economics, operations management, etc. The working management professionals could develop their skills and expand their knowledge through these courses. The scope of these courses will enhance continuous learning that will create an ecosystem for growth in the management sphere. Along with that, the skill gap with the rising demands of management professionals could be bridged through these courses that act as supplements to the existing skills.