Is Online MBA respected? (Distance MBA Learning)

An Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) is similar to a regular MBA program the major difference between both of them is the learning mode. An Online MBA program is offered through online learning mode and allows students to pursue their higher education from the comfort of their homes meanwhile, it is an ideal choice for the working class. A working professional can upskill themselves with the flexibility of an Online MBA without hampering their work schedule and look for career advancement. 

Apart from an Online MBA program, students can also opt for a distance MBA program which is again similar to a regular or online MBA program but it is offered through ODL (Open and Distance Learning Mode). A distance learning MBA program does not include any online classes meanwhile, enrolled candidates are provided with their course curriculum and study materials to prepare by themselves and they are required to visit allotted examination centers of their respective distance college or university for exams and practicals.  

Is Online MBA respected? 

Students are always worried before enrolling in any program especially when it is an online degree program. An Online MBA program holds immense value and uplifts an individual’s profile to stand out in the global competitive world. 

  • Students are advised to not worry about the credibility of an Online MBA program due to the regulation circulated by the University Grants Commission (UGC) which precisely has noted that any online degree earned from a valid university recognized by UGC, holds the same value and recognition as a regular degree.
  • An Online MBA holder is preferred by leading MNCs and business corporations as they are skilled and compatible to work in the fast paced global companies. These business organizations also offer lucrative packages and decent job profiles to trained candidates and that is why an Online MBA is becoming an ideal choice for students due to its high ROI (Return on Investment). 
  • An Online MBA is respected similar to a regular MBA and everything apart from it depends upon the skills and qualities of an individual. In the current technologically updated world pursuing a traditional postgraduate program results in unnecessary expense which includes relocation to a new place and requires plenty of time whereas an Online MBA program is highly flexible and can be pursued from any corner of the world or from the comfort of the home. Simultaneously, the fee structure is quite affordable and budget friendly as compared to a regular degree program on the other hand students can opt for easy EMI options or attractive scholarship facilities to lessen the financial burden on them. 
  • There is an additional option for distance learning MBA which is also equally credible as a regular or online MBA program. Only one thing is advised to students i.e. check the recognition and UGC approval of a university before enrolling in it to make sure your money, efforts, and time are invested in the right university for a better future outcome. 

What assistance does College Vidya offer?

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Students can easily enroll in an Online MBA program without worrying about its value because as per the regulation of the University Grants Commission (UGC), an online degree earned from a UGC-entitled university holds the same value and recognition as a regular degree. There are various advantages that come along with an Online MBA postgraduate degree program and students must go for it as it is an affordable and compatible option for higher education. It can be concluded that online education is the future and students are aware of it which is clearly visible as per the increasing number of students enrolling in online education.