Meet a New You with Tummy Tuck Surgery in Riyadh

Take control of your body and be confident about how you look like. everyone has a unique appearance and physique. Life is too short for low self-esteem and conviction  The safest, least painful and noticeable outcome makes you look more attractive, charming and hot. In some cases, hormonal imbalance, ageing weight and loosened abdominal muscles detrain your confidence. we have an advanced solution to Meet a new you with Tummy Tuck surgery in Riyadh For further details Read on!

What is a Tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck (شد البطن في الرياض) is an efficient and FDA-approved method which is minimally invasive. The non-surgical treatment is used to reduce the fat from the abdominal area with liposuction technique and a little laser method. The liposuction technique can break the stubborn fats without affecting the beneficial cells. Hence, it’s a stable solution without any side effects.


The tummy tuck is a valuable procedure that increases natural beauty by redefining the physical appearance and gives a slimmer effect to the body. However, it enhances the overall look and makes you a more attractive and contoured shape. The noticeable difference is visible to stand proudly with a flatter, firmer abdomen.

Techniques of Tummy Tuck:

The tummy tuck is a useful method when you continuously trying to lose weight but after so much effort your tummy area cannot lose any inches with exercise and diet. Many different techniques are used in tummy tuck surgery that are mentioned below:

Traditional Tummy Tuck:

It usually has a hip to navel area incision, to remove the excessive fat and tighten the muscle.

Extended tummy tuck: 

It is similar to the traditional tummy tuck. This technique is fruitful for patients with heavy fat and skin areas. The incision is extended from hip to hip in a U-shape below the navel area

Mini tummy tuck:

A partial tummy tuck of fat reduction in which a little incision appears to remove the small area of fat. The cut is of 2 to 3 cm.

Circumferential tummy tuck:

Circumferential tummy tuck mainly focused on the upper abdomen rather than the lower. a larger area is covered through this is also used to remove excessive amounts of fat. it makes a “T” shaped wound this procedure is commonly adapted for the overweight person who wants to lose up to 100 pounds or more.


Before the Tummy tuck surgery, the patient has to consult with expert plastic surgeons who advise different instructions, which include:

  • Get testimonials and lab sessions

  • Take the advisable medicines

  • Avoid blood thinning supplements and medicine 

  • Quit smoking or any other drug intake

  • Don’t apply any cream or lotion on the tummy area

  • Fasting the night before the surgery

  • Don’t apply any cosmetics or perfume on the skin

Surgery procedure:

At the start of the procedure, the surgeon sketches the abdominal area to minimize the risk of any blunder. In the next step, the anaesthesia specialist inserted the injection into the lower back to reduce the chances of hardship. Clean the treated region and make an incision of maybe a u-shaped or v-shaped to insert a drainage tube and start a suction process to remove the fat.  At the end close the incision through stitches from hip to hip which are not removable. The complete surgical procedure lasts 45 -60 minutes. The size of the incision based on the condition of the tummy and the amount of correction


Aftercare is important to get a favourable outcome the instructions given by the surgeons must be followed which are:


  • Try to wear lose and comfy clothes

  • Eat healthy and well-balanced food to recover fast

  • Drink plenty of water and add vitamin C to your diet

  • Take vitamin E and B-complex supplements

  • Avoid any intense activity like running, swimming or exercise for a few weeks

  • Take care of the incision otherwise the risk of infection will be increased

  • A little redness and swelling are at the peak for 3 to 4 days which fade out shortly

  • Don’t smoke, It reduces the blood flow and disturbs the healing process.

Recovery time:

The healing process depends on aftercare but about 21 to 30 days are enough for complete recovery. if the patient feels any disturbance or discomfort follow up with the expert and discuss the problem. The result is up to the mark of a flatter abdomen is visible. thus, tummy tuck fruitfully gives outcomes to the patient and enhances self-possession and attractive appearance. A tummy tuck scar is invisible shortly and takes a proper recovery within a month.

Benefits of Tummy tuck surgery:

Tummy tuck surgery has many advantages which are:


  • Reduced the extra fat from the skin

  • Tighten the weak muscles

  • Achieve the perfect shape

  • technically permanent procedure for hang-tough fat

  • Boost confidence with lower belly fat

  • Improves body posture and relief back pain

  • Reduced the risk of umbilical hernia

Risk-related to Tummy tuck:

A few risks are involved with Tummy tuck surgery which includes:

  • Skin infections in the treatment area

  • Temporarily damages the nerves and tissues

  • Swelling, redness and bruising for a few weeks

  • In a few unique cases, sensation and numbness felt 

  • The scar is visible on the lower abdomen

  • Blood clotting is noticed but it fades out shortly

  • A Painful process that needs a few weeks to heal.

Ideal candidates for tummy tuck:

The following are the ideal candidates for tummy tuck:

  • If you have loosened abdominal muscles

  • Excessive fat around the stomach and waist area

  • You are enabled if you are fit, physically, and mentally strong.

  • The candidate who is done with family and is done having kids

  • Patients who have stretch marks and weakened abdominal muscles

  • If an individual wants to tighten muscles, diminish sagging skin and get a flatter tummy.

  • If an individual has a stable weight but the tummy is not flatter

  • The one who needs a realistic approach towards the treatment

  • Individuals who care about themselves and are conscious about their physique

Cost of Tummy tuck surgery:

Tummy tuck surgery is quite effective than other cosmetic procedures(عمليات التجميل في الرياض). The average cost of surgery varies from person to person. Thus, the real cost of the procedure depends on several factors that can be discussed in the initial consultation. The patient consulted their objective with the doctor and then the team of experts made a customised plan and the actual price of surgery.


  • Clinical geographical location is a necessary factor in any procedure. if the clinic is located at a famous and luxurious place then the cost is higher.

  • Selective types of surgical procedures are according to the client’s needs.

  • The condition and health of the abdominal area of the client and the level of complication impact the price

  • The experience of the team and dermatologists plays an important role. Doctor’s fees according to their experience affect the overall cost.

  • Reputation and client satisfaction rates are also essential parts of treatment as it involves advanced technology and team expertise

  • The quality of anaesthesia and anaesthesia specialists’ fees fluctuate the cost.

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