Must-Have Metallic Nail Polish Brands in Pakistan For a Glam Look

For a long time, nail polish has been essential to everyone’s beauty regimen. Nail paint comes in various styles and finishes to suit every event and fashion sense. Metallic finishes are a significant trend in nail paint; they give every manicure a dash of refinement and glitz. Here are several essential metallic nail polish brands in Pakistan to check out, including the well-known Gabrini brand, if you want to up your nail game.


A leading nail polish brands in Pakistan is Gabrini, renowned for its excellent formulas and wide selection of colors. 


Their metallic nail polishes are no different, providing gorgeous metallic finishes and solid pigmentation. 


Gabrini offers metallic nail polishes in various hues to suit every taste and fashion, from dazzling silvers to glittering golds. 


Because of its long-lasting formula, Gabrini is a go-to option for anyone looking for a glamorous and long-lasting metallic nail polish, which guarantees that your manicure will remain perfect for days on end.


When adding sparkle to nails, Gabrini stands out due to its dedication to quality and diversity. 


Gabrini has tones for every mood and occasion, from bold and fashionable hues to traditional metallics. 


The metallic nail paints by Gabrini are excellent for adding a glamorous touch to your regular outfit or dressing up for a special occasion. 


Additionally, thanks to their long-lasting composition, you won’t have to worry about chips or fading for days. You can rely on Gabrini to keep your nails neat and polished.

Luscious Cosmetics


Luscious Cosmetics is another Pakistani company that sells a large selection of metallic nail polish tones. 


Their metallic compositions contain minuscule shimmer particles that give the nails a radiant, reflected sheen. 


Luscious Cosmetics provides the shades you’re looking for, whether a delicate champagne gold or a striking metallic crimson. 


Their metallic nail paints apply smoothly and uniformly, requiring only one layer to get opaque coverage. 


They are also safe and environmentally beneficial for your nails because they don’t include dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde or toluene.


In addition to providing an exquisite selection of metallic nail polish tones, Luscious Cosmetics takes excellent pleasure in its dedication to sustainability and safety. 


Their compositions are plentiful and devoid of dangerous substances like formaldehyde and toluene, guaranteeing the health and happiness of your nails. 


You may enjoy stunning glittering nails with Luscious Cosmetics without sacrificing your environment or health. 


It benefits both those who enjoy the outdoors and those who appreciate beauty. So go ahead and give yourself a little glitz with the metallic nail colors from Luscious Cosmetics, and shine brightly with self-assurance and tranquility.


Popular in Pakistan, Medora is a brand of high-quality, reasonably priced makeup items, which includes nail paints. 


Their metallic nail polish line has striking hues, mirror-like sheen, and intense color payoff. 


Medora offers a variety of metallic nail polishes to fit every style, whether you like vivid jewel tones or traditional metallics like silver and bronze. 


A perfect manicure can be accomplished in minutes thanks to Medora’s quick-drying formula, which makes it popular among time-pressed beauty enthusiasts.


Medora’s commitment to providing high-quality makeup at a reasonable price is evident in its metallic nail polish collection, accessibwhich is le to beauty fans across all financial brackets. 


Whether you prefer classic metallics or are in the mood for a burst of color, their extensive range of striking tones guarantees something for everyone. 


Medora’s quick-drying solution allows you to get salon-quality nails in a fraction of the time when you need a fast touch-up on the go. 


Beautiful metallic nails may be had without going over budget with Medora, so beauty enthusiasts across Pakistan adore it.

Sweet Touch

Famous Pakistani cosmetics company Sweet Touch offers a range of nail polish colors, including gorgeous metallic finishes. 


Their metallic nail paints have a formula that resists chips and fading, ensuring long-lasting wear. 


Sweet Touch, metallic nail paints, are ideal if you want to add a little glitz to your regular outfit or are attending a wedding or party. 


Sweet Touch provides many colors, including eye-catching metallic blues and seductive metallic purples, so there’s something for everyone.


Sweet Touch’s commitment to excellence and diversity is evident in its metallic nail polish line, a must-have for anybody looking for a gorgeous, long-lasting nail color. 


Because of its chip-resistant technology, you may dance the night away at weddings or parties without fearing that your manicure will chip. 


Sweet Touch offers metallic tints to fit any mood and event, whether for a subtle shimmer or a big statement. You can easily dress up any ensemble and add a glamorous touch with Sweet Touch metallic nail paints.

Color Studio Professional


A well-known beauty business in Pakistan, Color Studio Professional sells superior makeup and nail products. 


Their metallic nail paints, stunning metallic shine, and rich pigmentation are no different. Color Studio Professional has you covered whether you favor traditional metallics like gold and silver or want to try out striking metallic colors like copper and teal. 


Their long-wearing formula ensures that your metallic manicure doesn’t fade or chip for days, making it ideal for special events and regular wear.

Christine Cosmetics

A reliable name in Pakistani cosmetics, Christine Cosmetics, provides a range of nail and makeup items, including metallic nail polishes. 


Any manicure is instantly elevated with its metallic nail polish line, which comes in vivid tones with a high-shine finish. 


Christine Cosmetics offers a metallic nail polish that will fit your style, whether for a subtle shimmer or a striking metallic statement. 


The fast-drying formula of Christine Cosmetics allows you to have salon-quality nails in only a few minutes, which is why beauty fans love this brand.

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Final Thoughts!

Metallic nail polish brands in Pakistan are a must-have for Pakistani beauty fans as it lends a touch of glitz and refinement to any manicure. 


There is a metallic nail polish for everyone, whether you favor traditional metallics like gold and silver or want to try striking metallic colors like copper and teal. 


Brands like Gabrini, Luscious Cosmetics, Medora, Sweet Touch, Color Studio Professional, and Christine Cosmetics have everything you need to create a gorgeous metallic manicure, including high-quality formulas and a large selection of tones. 


Why then wait? With these essential metallic nail paint brands, you can improve your nail game and look better!