Patient Engagement Solutions Market Analysis, Region & Country Revenue Share, & Forecast Till 2035

Patient Engagement Solutions Market Overview

The continuously growing healthcare industry has inadvertently led to an increase in the demand for patient engagement solutions. As a result, the scope of home health is increasing with time, along with increasing demand for virtual healthcare through telehealth.

The global Patient Engagement Solutions Market size is estimated to grow from USD 11.4 billion in 2023 to USD 96 billion by 2035, representing a CAGR of 19.44% during the forecast period 2023-2035. It is worth highlighting that the majority (94%) of the patient engagement solutions offer chatbots / messaging as their component offered, followed by 84% of the solutions using real time data sharing.

Patient Engagement Solutions Market Segmentation

Key segments of Patient Engagement Solutions Market are Distribution by Deployment Option (Cloud-based Solutions, On-Premise Solutions and Web-based Solutions), Type of Solution Offered (Appointment Management Solutions, Electronic Health Record Integration Solutions, Patient Education Solutions, Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions and Other Solutions), Application Area (Financial Health Management, Fitness and Wellbeing, Home Health Management,  Research and Development and Social Health Management), End-user (Healthcare Providers, Individuals, Payers and Other End-users), and Key Geographical Regions (North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, and Rest of the World).

Patient engagement solutions are advanced solutions which involve more patient centric and personalized approach to healthcare journey, also includes features like electronic health record integration, prescription refills, medication adherence and remote patient monitoring.

Fine-grained sentiment analysis helps shaping patient engagement solutions by decoding emotions, enabling personalized care, and reforming the future of healthcare. Fine-grained sentiment analysis of patients’ experience with patient engagement solution apps highlights  valuable insights on the key pain points, features, and suggestions for improvement. Most common pain points among android and iOS apps are usability issues, followed by app performance and technical issues. Ease and use of accessibility has emerged as the most common key feature offered by android and iOS apps, followed by messaging and communication. The majority (75%) of patients have provided suggestions regarding technical issues and glitches for both android and iOS apps, followed by features and functionality 58%.

Web-based solutions are the prominent type of deployment option offered by majority (93%) of the patient engagement solutions, followed by 78% of Solutions offering Cloud-based solutions and 13% offers On- Premise solutions.

As per the base case forecast scenario, the market for patient engagement solutions is estimated to grow at an annualized rate of 18.2%, in the given time period. The opportunity is likely to be well distributed across deployment option, type of solution offered, application area, end-user and geographies.

Patient Engagement Solutions Market Key Players

Key players in this domain are athenahealth, Coviu, GetWellNetwork, Health Catalyst, MediBuddy, Mocero Health, Orion Health, Physitrack, SolvEdge, Veradigm, Well-Beat and Wolters Kluwer. Cloud-based solutions presently captures the largest market share, followed by web-based solutions and on-premise. In addition, EHR integration is expected to capture highest market share based on type of solutions, followed by appointment management, till 2035.

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