TikTok Notes: New Competitor To Instagram Notes

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TikTok Notes: How Does The Feature Work?

Rival to Instagram Notes, TikTok launched Notes in Australia and Canada recently which is a test for this new app which is dedicated to text and still images. As per a spokesperson from TikTok, Notes is specifically dedicated to only photos and text content allowing and providing users an opportunity to share their creativity. It is quite similar to Meta’s Instagram where people share photos, etc. 

Details about the working of Notes launched by TikTok – 

Notes allows the users to use their existing TikTok account and unless the users opt otherwise the existing and future posts in the TikTok application will be visible in Notes. 

On Notes users can post images or photos with a caption, additionally, it also allows users to post a headline for a photo along with the caption. So far on the platform meme-style content is available but as more and more people will begin using the platform more variety of content will be there. People will be able to follow their friends on the platform. 

There is a ‘following tab’ available on the platform to show the list of people a user follows along with a section known as ‘For you’ which suggests to the users the type of content they can see on the platform. 

Unlike Instagram, the ‘Stories’ feature is not available on Notes yet and neither ‘Reels’ are there on the platform. For reels the only platform by Tiktok is Tiktok. 


Notes is a step by TikTok to pose a challenge to Instagram as it is another platform where people can be creative, create new things and share them with their friends and followers. The only difference is that some features such as stories are still not available on Notes however they might be available for the users in future. Also, Notes as of now is only accessible to users in Canada and Australia as it is out now mainly for testing. 

Source – https://mediapract.com/tiktok-is-launching-photo-sharing-app/