Give Visual Treat to Chocolate Lovers with Chocolate Display Boxes

Chocolates come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors and always manage to win the customers’ hearts. Brands keep bringing innovation to make tastier chocolates and they don’t fail to impress chocolate lovers. However, these chocolate lovers deserve more than just improving the flavors. They deserve chocolates to be displayed enticingly on the shelves and counters of large stores and markets.

Brands opt for chocolate display boxes wholesale to display all kinds of chocolates enticingly, doing justice to their market worth. Made with fine materials, high-quality printing, and finish, these boxes play their part well in attracting buyers and raising sales. Brands can grab buyers’ attention with their premium or exclusive chocolate items on counter display boxes. Customers can easily view their favorite products and pick them from display packaging.

Encourage Impulse Purchase with Enticing Chocolate Display Boxes

Display boxes can showcase all types of items. In the case of chocolates, these boxes can display premium and regular, milk and cocoa, dark and fused, or small and large chocolate items. Customers can view these products and instantly decide to buy them after being enticed. Such instant purchase is called impulse purchase where a customer decides on his impulse to buy something. Let’s discuss different ways to encourage impulse purchases for different chocolate products:

1.      Placement of Items

Depending on their vitality and type, brands place chocolate items on different sorts of display boxes placed at different sites in the markets or stores. For instance, a brand can showcase its premium or special chocolate products on floor displays of grocery stores or supermarkets. This is a type of display box placed right on the counter’s end. A person entering the store would be able to instantly look at the box as it is placed in plain sight.

Similarly, brands can place their small chocolate items in counter top display boxes. These boxes are placed on counters where almost every buyer comes for billing. They are placed in plain sight and at a very short distance from shoppers. Customers can easily view the products and pick them to buy. Such boxes encourage impulse purchases and raise profits as a result.

2.      Luring Colors

Colors play a vital role in grabbing customers’ attention. Designers follow color psychology charts to select color schemes that lure customers. For example, the color red represents passion and thus, brands like KitKat use it to pull customers who passionately love chocolates. This also means that this color also arouses passion in buyers and urges them to try chocolate products.

Similarly, brands like Dairy Milk use purple color in their regular chocolate items and display boxes to exhibit luxury. Purple is the second-most used color after black to represent the premium appeal of an item. Dairy Milk brand uses purple along with golden color on their boxes that exhibit their top-notch quality. Hence, each color arouses a certain emotion to appeal to the buyers’ senses and urge them to try the chocolate product.

3.      Engaging Graphics

Graphics on the boxes play another vital role in engaging more clients by appealing to their senses. For example, an image of crushed coconuts pouring out of a coconut and mixing into a pool of chocolate lures buyers. Similarly, the image of peanuts and cocoa mixing to form peanut chocolate is an image that will lure buyers who love this delicious blend.

Such luring graphics don’t fail in attracting more customers which proves useful for brands investing in display boxes. To attract kids, brands can add graphics of fun rides or animated characters. Kids instantly attract boxes and brands can compel them to buy, raising impulse purchasing.

4.      Ease of Access

Providing easy access for chocolate lovers to novel chocolate products also raises the chances of impulse purchases. To serve this purpose, brands create cut-outs in the front part of the boxes to provide an easy view to customers. For instance, a buyer can easily observe chocolate items placed on shelves above due to cut-outs in the front part to avoid blocking the view of the items.

They also keep the boxes at a distance from where buyers can easily pick them up. Such easy access raises the chances of impulse purchases and sales revenue. Depending on the sizes and layouts of the chocolate items, brands can create partitions or just use a plain display box with no add-ons. They can create strong supports to make it easy to keep large chocolate bars standing in the display box.

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